Know Your Position...

Know Your Position...

You Got Now, Not Next

Forget being up next, you got now sis. Stop playing yourself short when you know that you have all the potential needed in order to step and become the success you were called to be. 

No more playing the small role in order to let others feel comfortable, its time to shine, and I mean SHINE BRIGHT, don't keep dimming your light for others, they will adjust.

When you step into your position of power you are doing more than just bossing up you are doing what you were called to do and making an impact in not only your own life but the lives of others.

You have a purpose and when you stop being afraid to be who you were called to be it all begins to align and begins to make perfect sense. 

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Chapter 3 - "Play Your Position" Page. 28 | "Think Like A Rich B*tch"


Be willing to take calculated risks and seize opportunities: This can involve stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on new challenges, even if there's a risk of failure. 

For example, you could launch a new product, even if you're not entirely sure you're ready for it.

Be confident in your abilities and don't be afraid to ask for what you want: This can involve advocating for yourself and your ideas, and asking for what you deserve, such as an investment or a grant.

For example, you could prepare a well-structured Kickstarter for your company to help it expand.

Be authentic and true to yourself: This can involve not trying to fit into a mold or stereotype of what a Rich B*tch should be, and instead, being true to your unique values and strengths.

For example, you could be assertive and direct in your communication style instead of trying to adopt a more aggressive or dominant style that doesn't align with your personality.

Continuously improve your abilities and skills and look for ways to be valuable in your position and role.

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